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Oct 02 2013


Trade king forex broker offers better rates than other brokers. He offers 4.95 dollar account for stock and for ETF and you need to deposit 60 more cents for getting per contract for choosing trading options. This is a good deal and if you will get comparison of these rates than other market’ rates then you can understand the reality why trade king is better for you? There are many things which make this broker more vulnerable than others and one of them is about customer service. The customer service of this broker is highly appreciated because in many surveys, traders give number one rank for better customer services. Through chat, email or phone, traders will get equal and fast reply in all the means. If you are chatting then the representative of trade king will solve your issue within limited time and make the trade easy for you. If you will email this broker then you will get reply very soon. When you will join this broker and will open your account then quickly, you will be able to get benefits with best trading tools and research options. You will get entry in your dream world of trading. A number of benefits will make part of your trading like technical analysis, stock and option screeners, profit and loss calculators and different kinds of research reports etc.

The more interesting thing is about trading platform of Trade king trading. This broker uses his own trading platform, in the name of trade king live. This platform is full of best trading tools and latest technical facilities. These all packages and facilities are fully free and you have no need to pay any extra fee for using these services. After making member of trade king broker, these all things will work for you freely.

Many traders think that how can they will use these tools without any experience. The answer of this question is very simple. First of all, you should remember that you are not alone there because a number of other stock and option traders are there and of course, you can contact with your fellow traders any time. You can get guidance about trade. You can share reservations and ideas with your fellows. In the return, you will get solution of all of your problems. Trading stock online is a place in where traders share their strategies and plans with each other so every one helps others. Trade king review tells that many traders complain about this broker’s server. Sometimes, this server may be clunky and traders get difficulty for using platform of this broker. Another kind of risk is also there. Many services of trade king are due to third party basis. Third party is not so committed with traders as trade king is, so there are many confusions because sometimes, traders feel that these services are creating problems for them. Many traders talk about trade king live platform. This is new platform and it will take time to get reach the place of Meta trader 4 or other old useable platforms. Traders reservations are open about this platform and they think they can get any mishap during using this trade king live platform.

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