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Dec 27 2011





Plus 500 forex broker is here from 2008. This forex broker has built a strong relationship with his clients and he is loyal to its traders. The relationship could see predominantly in Asia and different countries of Europe. This broker is offered 1,000 instruments for trading and it is regulated by United Kingdom financial authorities. The most important thing is about website of this broker. When you will enter the website you will your self look like crispy and clutter free during reviewing or searching. All things are very clear and concise and trader did not feel any burden on his mind. In fact, this website designed for the novice traders and designers kept this thing in mind during making this website.

Mostly, brokers try to put all kind of information of trading in their website. Every thing is in full detail but in many times, novice traders feel bored after seeing a number of things with details because their initial mind did not accept this heavy dose, but the situation is totally different of plus 500 trading. This broker put only necessary things with concise manner in his website. Background is very clear and traders did not feel any confusion on their minds during reviewing his homepage. Risk warning is also there which is posted by financial authority of Britain and it is necessary for building trusting relationship with traders. Traders have a right to understand about their actions and also their profit and losses. This is a commitment of this broker he will not hide any necessary thing to their clients.


Plus 500 broker has competitive mind and holds a numbers of assets in himself. This broker explains the details of stocks according to the country’s names. This is easy to search and focus on any stock and trader can select their stocks according to their region. All the necessary commodities are available here but along with it, many exotic commodities are also part of this broker’s offer like wheat, corn and sugar. All the majors and minor currencies are available for trade and with it many exotic pairs and less liquid pairs are also available. Trade with major indices is also available like S&plus 500, Nikkei 225 and FTSE100. Traders will be happier to see that this broker allows a number of ETF’s. Through this offer, trader can build their investment based portfolios. Plus 500 review tells that this broker offer different kinds of platforms for trading. Many platforms needed download but many platforms are web based and it can be used online.

Traders raised many issues against this broker. They say that this broker did not allow chat services and its mean; broker did not want to touch with its clients anywhere.  During trading, novice traders face many issues and they want to resolve immediately, chat is very important but trader cannot contact through chat. US traders are also not allowed here. The deficiency of education is also seen in this broker’s website. Brokers also educate their customers and give guidelines and tell about different kind of strategies so their customers can earn money more than but in this place, lack of strategies and planning is here.

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