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Oct 02 2013


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Rbs forex broker is providing high class trading facilities to its customers.  Royal bank of Scotland or RBS is famous due to its prestigious services. Due to its physical presence in many foreign exchanges, the level of serving has made more considerable for the world’s traders. There are numerous ways in where Rbs is providing his services and in the field of brokerage, his services are connected with world famous corporations, financial institutes and many public sectors as well. Risk management is a key factor of success in trading so Rbs trading provides you chance of trading with corporate and investment risk management plans. Through this risk plan, traders can reach the top class research and strategies plan because Rbs is a complete guide and solution of all kinds of trading. Treasury and liquid management is also available with royal bank of Scotland. Transaction is easier with Rbs because a number of ways of transaction and world class services of Rbs give you guarantee of smooth transaction in every place of the world. Trader can get liquidity through electronic trading platform of Rbs.

The service of rbs broker is dependant on client’s needs. Different kinds of trading options like pre-trade or trade execution are available. The research and strategies of this broker are changed after 24 hours. The price is competitive and trading tools are easy and secure during using. Rbs review tells that trade with this broker is totally transparent. Online monitoring, settlement and confirmation during trade is available and these actions made this broker more convenient than other brokers. A unique offer from Rbs broker is that traders can trade with third party platform and there is not prohibited. There are more than 50 exchanges in where trader can trade with this broker. Equities and commodities trades are available on top financial centers of the world. Rbs is working in whole the world and different cities of Europe; the team of Rbs is providing their services. In Asia, there are 10 top brokers which are part of Rbs team and these are future brokers.

Rbs team is highly experienced and really knows the roots of trading so they are more eligible of providing world class facilities to the traders. These experts know the local markets and different kinds of developments so their decisions are always up to the mark. The research of this broker is highly recommendable because it is award winning research and analytic tools and studies create more powerful scenario for all kinds of trading.

There are many minus points of this broker. Traders complain that the support center of this broker is incompetent and if they found any kind of technical issue then they cannot connect with technical team. Many scalpers are also there who are worried and say that they cannot trade with Rbs broker as a scalper because during the news time, the team of Rbs blocked their system. Through this action, Rbs experts want to increase the speed of system but scalpers are not happy with this action.

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  1. Emily says:

    Prestige, high class, smooth transactions, transparency are just some of the reasons that are making RBS one the best there is. Thank you for such a wonderful opportunity to work with you! Finest broker there is!

  2. Jack Eli says:

    RBS is the best broker I ever experienced. I have changed more than 7 brokers which include most of the popular brokers in the market but sad to say that they were not according to my expectations. But after joining RBS I can finally say that its a broker with everything ideal (atleast for me). I will recommend it to all who are not satisfied with their brokers.

  3. Jason Brown says:

    Good quality broker providing very good trading facilities. Good professional broker, fluent order execution. Customer service is caring and helpful. I have found Royal Bank of Scotland a highly professional broker. Leverage is pretty low but thats fine. RBS allows scalping and thats why I am still with them. I will recommend others to join.

  4. SunTan says:

    There is nothing good in here, what they advertised are all crap just to attract their clients. Customer support is very slow, when you email them and you barely get a response from them!

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