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OANDA Currency Converter

One of the foremost necessary options of Oanda Corporation is its free on-line Currency changer calculator, permitting its users to urge the most recent data concerning currency rates in real time and in anywhere on the world. There square measure over one hundred eighty currency rates that square measure sure each by people particularly once traveling and by corporations and monetary institutes. In 2012 Oanda was awarded Best FX Broker, acknowledging once again its innovative technology, varied financial tools and trusted services.

The Currency Converter feature of Oanda allows comparisons among historical currency rates using graphs and tables for daily values as well as average values per week, month or year. It allows each user to customize the search and the final format. From January 1990 Oanda currency converter feature has been the one that most tourists have used during their travels. Now this feature is also available on iPhone, Blackberry and Android, so you can take it with you wherever you go. Oanda’s Currency Converter is in more than 12 languages for greater accessibility, while the conversion tables and currency rates are available in printer-friendly versions in more than 6 languages. It also has a live exchange rates tool which offers real-time information to its users. It has quick links to a free converter widget, currency data feeds and currency widgets that are very useful both for the inexperienced trader and the expert. The Currency Converter feature of Oanda is one of the most appreciated in the world as it is open and transparent, it is updated every 5 seconds and it is at hand everywhere you need it.

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