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Dec 27 2011

Interactive Brokers

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From 36 years, Interactivebrokers forex broker is presenting their services to the electronic traders. His services are not only for individual traders but also for institutions and investors as well. Interactive brokers are famous in the name of IB and their capital is crossed 4.8 billion dollars. Interactive brokers Company is the largest brokerage company of US that handles 506,000 traders per day. Every kind of traders is parts of these figures. There are many reasons why a numbers of investors and professional traders are liked interactive brokers trading. The main reason behind this acceptance is about best execution on low rates. Their global offer is also very charming for the world’s traders. This broker used latest trading technology for alluring the traders. Interactive brokers review tells about risk management program for this company. In fact, risk management is a key factor behind any trader’s success. Trader cannot get big success if he will neglect the risk management rules. Comprehensive reporting of this company is also a best deal for those traders which want to up to date about every new trading activity. Security of funds is another positive factor that forces traders to join this broker. Interactive brokers Company has become a trader’s university because a large number of world’s traders come there and complete their goals. Many traders say that day trading with this broker is looked like a big risk. If you use small amount for trading then you can trade for long period and when you will get big profit then this broker will trade against you.

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5 Responses to “Interactive Brokers”

  1. John Frederick says:

    Highly recommendable! They are stable and reliable. Interactive Brokers has the best execution on low rates, I liked their offers very much and their trading technology really impressed me. Discover some of the reasons why professional traders and investors choose Interactive Brokers, same way like I did.

  2. David Andy says:

    Top quality brokers. They have best execution and lowest commission / spreads. They offer to trade in global market. Although the charge comission on trades but the good thing is that they want us to earn and the more we earn the more they get comission, and for this they provide every possible assistance. I have experienced many other brokers but this one is just as per a traders requirements.

  3. Aiden William says:

    I have been trading with Interactive Brokers last 2 years. The thing I like the most is that it allows scalping unlike most of the other brokers. If you are an experienced investor who needs to keep his options open with regards to tradeable markets and securities, look no further than IB. I am very pleased with their service and would recommend all others.

  4. George Winston says:

    Interactive Brokers is a low-cost way to get trading access to markets. They are one of the cheapest comission chargers in the industry which is the major factor that affects your profit and this helps me make good scalp trades. My experience with IB so far is excellent. I will recommend it to everyone.

  5. Theressa Borst says:

    Interactive brokers group provides press releases and articles which are beneficial for traders. This broker arranges different kinds of seminars for providing information about trading. Really awesome act is for increasing the popularity of trading among new peoples. Different kind of letters and articles are written by interactive broker’s group management. Through this way, traders will always get latest news about forex.

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