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Dec 27 2011

IG Markets

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IG Market Trading is one of the leading Contract For Differences (CFDs) trading and Foreign exchange market in the world, with experience more than 35 years. As a multinational trading company, the IG Market Forex offers fast and stable trading services in the world, which have customers more than 140,000. IG Market Review is one of the members of the London Stock Exchange, with high trading volume monthly. From this, you shall understand how IG Market Trading is attractive to customers.

Compared with other trading companies, IG Market Forex offers Low Margins for the complete range of markets. The initial margin rates are just 5%, which are enough for you to open an account from the IG Market. With the Guaranteed Stop, the IG Market can secure your initial margin, by preventing potential losses.

Investment security is one of the keys to the success of IG Market Support. The IG Market Review is subject to the supervision from the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS). With strict supervision, client can be assured with the stability of the quality system in the IG Market. Funds from customers have been deposited in a separate account, which is trust and approved. Separated accounts helps to confirm that the unrealized and deposits from customers shall not be hedged in underlying market.

IG Market Support helps to increase the market liquidity from customers, which offers customers to access the Direct Market Access (DMA). With DMA, customers can trade into the major exchanges in the world, and even participate the stock auctions within and outside of trading hours. Customers participate in DMA will not miss any golden investment opportunities.

IG Market Trading has several achievements in the world. In addition to the leading CFD provider, the IG Market is also the first in customer satisfaction in Singapore. Per the Investment Trends 2011, it showed that the overall satisfaction from Singapore customers of IG Market Forex is the highest among others. Customers are pleased with the high quality of IG Market Support, and the easiest platform with best applications. More than 12,400 investors joined the survey, and the IG Market continues to be honored with two consecutive years. From this, it showed the continuous achievement among the industry.

The commitment from the IG Market Forex is continuous without stop. Last year, they launch the mobile trading application, which is new to the industry. The applications are available in most smartphone, including iPhone, Android smartphone, BlackBerry and even Windows Phone. Although the launch only happened in Singapore, the breakthrough created a greater impact in public. Many customers enjoy the achievement from the IG Market.

IG Market Forex has some disadvantages. The most important weak point is no limit orders. Without limit orders, you can only place the options trade manually, which you cannot limit the orders. In order to catch the golden chance of investments, customers need to closely monitor the computer screen, place the order. It is inconvenient to some customers, making them lost some golden investments

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7 Responses to “IG Markets”

  1. Alaina Nations says:

    How, great broker it is. Top class CFD services are available. Spreads are better than other brokers. IG markets brokers have been serving the market from 40 years. Their long experience is the reason of their success. Trading is so easy with this broker because they want to see you successful. Financial markets are full of experienced peoples. New peoples need guidance so this broker can really help new users.

  2. ZakDavis says:

    This broker doesn’t send money in withdrawal request. They will removed your bonus without no reason. They cancelled and blocked my account.

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