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Dec 27 2011


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Iamfx forex broker is famous due to its best liquidity providing services. This broker is using best technology for satisfying their customers and their services are good. Best liquidity provider asks you for getting the benefits of this offer in transparent way. The trading environment that is provided by this brokerage’s company is vulnerable. For interbank traders and individual traders, they can get benefits of STP system in equal way. Their execution and functional trading desk works in the same way for both kinds of traders. With non dealing desk process, traders can get more benefits. Their offers and bids are best according to the market needs and fast execution process makes able to the traders for getting best facilities. No requite things and not any kind of bias trading is provided here. All things are open and transparent in iamfx trading.

Iamfx review tells about STP platform which is more beneficial for traders and they can get equal benefits of trading among other. This company is one of the best liquidity providers among other world’s companies. Through to STP platform, trader can get direct access to the liquidity providers and can get direct benefits. There is no third party system here and not any kind of intervention held during your trade. Many traders talk about slow services of iamfx forex broker. They said that customer support center gives reply only on simple inquiry things but for complicated things or questioning about iamfx trading, there is no reply here. Some traders say that this broker always tries to hunt their money and this broker is not really a ECN broker.

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