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Mar 06 2016


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Broker Name: FXETHOS

Country: United Kingdom

Founded In: 2009

Deposit Option: Debit card or credit card.

From the name of the FXethos, a potential forex broker following the Fxethos review can clearly understand that fxethos broker gives emphasis on the business ethics and moral character. Fxethos broker is a UK based forex broker providing forex trading service with integrity, transparency, and privileged handling of customers. Fxethos broker provides services including FX order flow for every type of corporations whether it is retail or institutional order flow and also in any volume or size. A forex trader can enjoy a high execution speed in doing forex trading with fxethos. They possess a very sound technological infrastructure that allows fxethos to esecute the cliens forex trading in no time.

FXethos broker’s liquidity pool allows a forex trader to open aggregation order book fills, quickest fills and best spreads, true market price without any sort of market intervention, smart order routing which is known as SOR, and large order without any limits. Unlike most of the forex broker, fxethos reveals the performance report despite the fact that it can reveal how the trades actually executed and can affect the clients forex trading. The performance report is measured by execution time to fill orders, execution time for trade completion, number of requites and average spread dealt.

FXethos broker has different platform for the forex traders including MT4 PC, iPad Trader, iPhone Trader, and Android Trader. Any forex trader can trade forex using any of these platforms as their needs. For commensuration of the risk exposure, fxethos broker offers a diverse range of leverage options. The default leverage for all accounts is 1:100. Upon request, fxethos offers a maximum leverage of 1:500.

Allowing a forex trader to open a demo account is an exciting feature provided by fxethos to its customer. This demo account allows the forex traders to open virtual money based account and trae with that account to learn real market forex trading and how it works and what are the trends in the market. Through demo account a forex trader can practice trading befor entering into the real market and by this they can avoid risk of potential losses occurs due to ignorance.

Fxethos gives many advantages to its customers. It provides 24/7 customer support service via online chat with the customer service manager. Customer support service is also available with e-mail. Fxethos is the forex trading place where a forex trader can trade forex with a huge level of investment.

The main disadvantage of doing forex trading with fxethos is that it allows only debit card and credit card and in USD and SGD only.

There are many Forex traders who want forex trading in an ethical and moral manner rather than making profit in an unethical way. For this type of forex traders, FXethos is there. There philosophy is to do business with honesty, sincerely, and genuinely intending to serve the community. They follows this philosophy in every aspect of the business.


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