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Oct 02 2013


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Fresh forex broker is providing services since 2004. After a long hard work, this broker has made a most favorite online service provider to the Russia and many other countries. This broker keeps aim to providing superior services so he has been making changes in his softwares and trading tools. The financial instrument of fresh forex keeps a main reason behind its popularity. The quality of these instruments is that it can look after every individual trader’s trades. These all acts and changes ensure that fresh forex trading is more secure brand of all traders. In fact, homeland of fresh forex company is Russia but a number of clients are belonged to nearest countries or some far away. It is true that this broker offers a great conditions for trade so why peoples are interested to trade with this broker? The popularity of this broker is increasing due to its dedication. If we analyze this broker in Russia or in other countries then this broker looked like more stable and it keeps a good ranking among other world’s brokers. Fresh forex Company always participate many major financial conference and it proves that it takes a well status among other big financial institutions. The partners of this company arranged a numbers of classes and branches of teaching to traders. Every day, they talk with thousands of traders and resolve their issues passionately. Fresh forex review tells that a number of traders are not satisfied with this broker. Traders complain that this brokers customer services is not good. Those broker who did not know Russian, this broker allow them from translating page from Russian to English but the period of changing language is so long and trader feel boring. There is no alternative of this problem and still this problem is here for non Russian traders.

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18 Responses to “FRESH FOREX”

  1. Nelson says:

    To reduce slippages, you had better trade with broker, which provides good technical conditions. For instance, freshforex has fast order execution and its trading terminal works well. And I like their contests too. Now they hold “Snow Ride” contest with $2016 total prize. All winners will receive cash prizes!

  2. Leonid says:

    Now there are good brokers that you can work with and which do not let their clients. down One of them, in my opinion is Freshforex. If offers acceptable terms, smart withdrawal, tight spreads, pleasant and good support. In addition, the broker has repeatedly received various awards for many directions: ECN, helpdesk and for overall performance.

  3. Winter Jack says:

    I like Freshforex. Before depositing a decent amount, I checked this broker based on core parameters. Their platform is smooth, orders are processed really fast. I verified their quotes with foreign brokers’ – everything was always fine. Execution of Stop orders is fast, too.

  4. Gera says:

    It is good, when you can check a broker sacrificing your blood. Example is freshforex with their current “test drive a broker ” bonus. Theygive all new clients $ 1,000 for a test drive! This no deposit bonus can be traded and under certain conditions you can withdraw all earned income. This is the best option tocheck all the terms before you invest real money.

  5. Eruka says:

    I am studyng and always google various trading aspects avoiding to rely on sole source. But I found their encyclopedia and found nay things in one place elucidated from different angles. If they care to give all that, it means they really care. I placed some money with their pamm and earning already came.

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