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Dec 24 2011


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Company : Dukascopy Swiss FX Group
On-line since : 2004
Country : Switzerland
Payment options : Bank wire
Minimum account size : $1,000
Minimum position size : 0.01 lot
Leverage : 1:100
Spread : 0-1 pip on EUR/USD + commission
Regulation : Member of ARIF (a self regulatory financial organization).


Dukascopy is one of the famous Forex brokers, which is at Dukascopy Bank SA. Specially developed for active traders, the Dukascopy Forex offers you a platform to trade bullions and Forex.

Dukascopy Trading have several features. The most important attractive feature is the equal rights of trading for all customers. Some services of the Forex brokers depend on the value of customer accounts. For example, if the customer has account with greater value, they can enjoy greater liquidity. On the contrary, Dukascopy Forex offers the equal rights of trading among customers. Even though your value of account is different, all clients can have the same right to trade.

Most people love the transparent pricing system in Dukascopy support. All the clients can access to the same pricing platform, enjoying the same liquidity. Customers are always satisfied with the 100% transparent, making their account available at all time.

In order to linkage between the MT4, Dukascopy Trading offers a simple plug-in for the existing trading platform. With the plug-in, trading signals from MT4 can be instantly transferred to platform in Dukascopy Trading, executing the transferred signals. Having the plug-in, customers shall be free to trade in any platforms they preferred.

Customers always love the investment security from the Dukascopy Forex. The Dukascopy Bank obtains a banking license, subject to the supervision of the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA). The Swiss Federal Banking Act regulated that, in case of bankrupt of banks, customers can enjoy up to 10 million Swiss francs in the deposit protection scheme. For example: if a customer account has $ 200,000 (or the equivalent in Swiss francs), he can enjoy the maximum of 10 million Swiss francs in compensation in bank bankrupt; if B customers open an account of $ 80,000 (or the equivalent in Swiss francs), he can enjoy the compensation according to account funds. After obtaining a banking license, the customer deposits will be added to the deposit protection scheme. Clients’ trading funds are then protected.

Since Dukascopy Bank SA is regulated by FINMA, customers must present the identity information in accordance with Swiss law. Identity documents can be notarized by the notary office, or with the same rights as the official organizations. Documents can also be notarized by authorities such as the police, the courts, the consulate or well-known bank.

Clients need to submit the original documents with signature, identity documents and proof of address files (water, electricity, or bank receipt) to the Swiss headquarters. Therefore, the Dukascopy Review is not easy to open the accounts. If the value of account below certain limit, only people from Swiss can open such account in the Dukascopy Bank SA. Therefore, the accounts from the Dukascopy Bank SA have high minimum deposit limit and difficult opening process.

In addition, some customers complained that the transaction platform reacts slowly. Without faster response, they might fail to do transactions for golden investment opportunities.

Although the opening account process is complicated, the investment security is higher than expected, which only the Dukascopy Trading can offer to you.

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9 Responses to “DUKASCOPY”

  1. Destiny says:

    [...] destiny is in your hands. Learn wisely, have confidence and discipline and you will win choosing DUKASCOPY . [...]

    • Carlos says:

      Dukascopy is not perfect, its only the best u can get…
      Theres also Slippage like 15 pips, Spreads, are way above the 0.1 in eurusd, more like 10.0 pips some times, and you pay a Commission…
      - The Good is that its a Bank, so your safe if you know how to trade, you can start with the 5.000usd and never redraw if you don’t need the money, cos in 15y, they will still be there, and if u turned the 5.000 into 500.000, its yours, its secured, and you can do trading for living, cos trading its a job for many people, only its a hard job.

      don’t expect to work 8h a day, just cos your home, you’ll find yourself working 24h a day including weekends,and spending money in Hardware, Software, etc..
      The good is, if you have a few PC`s, you can do other activities like partner with Dukas himself with a Blog, learning Programming, you can use both for the JForex and some Financial Sites, that deliver Widgets/Gadgets, and end up with a good useful Google Site that might even bring you some cash.
      So, Dukascopy looks good..and they re Java Platforms work in any OS, including Windows, Apple, but also any Linux…
      So, if you are a real trader, not a Fortune Seeker, you will make money…
      And feel great cos you`re good at what you do, even open a Agency for Financial Advisory in any Country, just needs a Server, a Virtual Office and a Bank Account in that Country…
      From Dukas to Barclay’s, Loyd’s, and others, you can with a Linux Server, run your own Bank…
      Something like an MLM, only if you pay, you don`t do illegal acts, your clients are happy…
      What you are doing is making a better world for some, investing in the economy, creating growth, socializing, learning..

      What else is there?

  2. Annand says:

    Dukascopy trader competition is best, I enjoyed with this. there spread really very tight compare to all forex broker.

  3. Junapril says:

    I am a newbie when we talk about forex trading. I am still learning the hows and whats of this forex trading. Many forex brokers will give you many offers to make investments with then. What investors need is to how these brokers will give value to their customers. I Dukascopy trading have it.

  4. Hillary Smiths says:

    I feel I was equality treated by them for all customers. I had the same right to trade as everyone else. Dukascopy Bank SA has transparent pricing system which I liked very much. They also have a good security system. I was in need to submit all of my original documents and felt really secure about my funds. I’m satisfied with their service and assistance.

  5. Jeff Bronson says:

    So far my experience with Dukascopy is very good. They offer very good spreads which save much of a trader’s expence. Dukascopy is highly reliable as it is a bank and is also regulated by FINMA. Their order execution, customer suport, spreads etc are upto the needs of a trader. Very professional broker and highly recommended by my side!

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