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Brokers are every where but if you are a scalper then you need to search such a broker who accepts scalping. First of all, understand yourself if you want to keep scalping in your first strategy then you need to contact with scalping supported brokers which is famous with scalping. The main quality of such brokers is that they have no problem if hundreds of positions closed with zero percent profit. They have tough nerves and consistent in their jobs. Keep in mind that not every broker can do scalping and as in same example, not every trader can show interest in scalping. This is a mind set and as you know before starting trader you have a need to understand your personality and your mind structure. In scalping, a person who cannot bear rush hour situation and very suddenly he feels tension, in this condition, he should not show interest in scalping because it is a tough job. There are a number of scalping supported brokers who are really expert of scalping. There are some of them, Tfifx, Forex broker Inc, Fx glory, Trade fort, Robo forex, Fxopen etc. these brokers have an ability to hold positions for minimum seconds and these brokers use tight stop loss orders. Another important thing which is necessary to know about it is that these brokers who accepts scalping, they charge some extra commissions or fees on scalping so this is not a new scenario of such brokers because almost all brokers follow this method. Some extra restrictions are there which are imposed by brokers. These restrictions can belong to some kind of spreads or trade number limits.

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