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If you want to trade with forex then no deposit bonus will be offered by forex. No need to be worried if you know story behind this no bonus strategy. Many people did not feel any pleasure to read this because such kind of brokers read many reviews of many brokers which pay enough bonuses on first deposit so their expectations are same with forex account but this is not any type of bonus offer waiting for you. There are many reasons why many forex brokers did not offer such kind of alluring offers for catching the attention of many traders? The answer is that if you want to trade with forex then you can trade without loosing single penny. You can practice with forex real account without giving any single penny. You can trade with this account with your real money but the reality is that you have not deposited any money. If you will loose your trade then you have no loss because you did not deposit any kind of money but if you will get profit then you will receive your profit. In both sides, you are secure because profit is your but loss is only relate to forex. This is the main reason why forex did not offer any bonus on first deposit. In the other hands, you can say that forex is doing enough for you so bonuses have less importance in such scenario. Those brokers who pay bonuses but they did not give you free home for trading like forex. So trader can think and understand about the difference of such forex brokers and other brokers.

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