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Dec 26 2011

Ajax Financial

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Ajax financial forex broker is very dedicated broker. He arranges a different kind of trading information through different sources and then presents to the front of their clients. Its team is very cooperative and active about collecting different kind of market knowledge. This broke provide access for the international foreign exchange and there is always continuing trading. Clients of ajax financial company spread in the whole world and there are different categories of trading like retail trading or asset trading. Ajax financial trading covers all different aspects of foreign exchange market. The ECN trading platform is providing best environment to the traders. The team of Ajax believes in hardworking and really honest with their profession. Ajax financial company has built their relations with 70 world wide banks and many other financial institutions. In the other hand, thousands of traders are availing their services. The execution of orders is very fast and is really complete the demand of fast environment of the market. Ajax financial review tells us about Currenex technical team. This team works as  Currenex hub and maintain the client’s orders simultaneously. The range of the team is belonged to the globe. It is a best supporting and technical team of the financial industry. Some clients complain that this company accept only bank wire payments and not have many money methods. Nino and micro accounts are not available. In the other hand, the process of client’s application approval is very lengthy and sometimes, clients feel dejection. In Canada, this company is not regulated and for spot trading, there is not any kind of funds safety there. This is a group of private people which run this company.

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