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Oct 02 2013


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Broker Name: AGEA

Country: Montenegro

Founded in: 2005

Leverage: 1:100

Account Currencies: EUR, CAD, AUD, USD, JPY, GBP, CHF

AGEA broker is a well established forex broker based in Europe. AGEA broker review shows that AGEA broker is dedicated to provide foreign exchange trading services since its foundation in 2005. AGEA broker is specialized in providing forex trading service throughout the world. AGEA broker has a dedicated and well qualified staff and working with dedication to AGEA brokers clients successfully over the years. AGEA Broker provides different types of valuable financial trading services including Forex, Index and Commodities CFDs, and Funds for educational purposes. It provides foreign exchange trading services to the customers with a Meta Trader 4 platform. And they planned to go with a Meta Trader 5 platform very soon.

There are three basic types of account that a forex trader can open with AGEA Broker. These three types of account are, Standard, Cent and STP account.  With the standard account a trader can open account with minimum initial deposit of 100 USD. The trade size of this account as 1000-1000000.  Leverage limit with standard account that a forex trader can get in forex trading with AGEA broker is 1:1 to 1:500 but initially 1:100. Another account type is CENT account. With this account a forex trader can trade with 6 USD to 5000 USD. And in this account balance and transfer is denominated with cents. The trading size is same as the standard account. In both Standard and CENT account, there is no commission charged at all. The STP is for the bigger investors. With this account a forex trader can start with an initial deposit af at least 1000 USD. The tradin size is 1000-1000000.

The most important benefit that a forex trader will get by doing forex trading with AGEA broker is that they can do forex trading with AGEA with a little amount. This allows a smaller trader to enter into the forex trading with a minimum level of investment. EGEA broker allows the customer to do forex trading form anywhere in the globe throws windows computer, Mac OS and iOS based devices. And customers can support from AGEA through e-mail, and online chat with their customer support manager. Customers can get service from AGEA broker in different languages including English, Chinese, Spanish, Serbian, Urdu, Malaysian, Hungarian and Russian. This allows the traders all over the world to do forex trading with AGEA broker.

The main drawback of AGEA broker is that a forex trader can do forex trading with AGEA is multiple account not allowed. So any trader wants to trade forex in mulitple account its not allowed. And AGEA also cut deposit and withdraw charges, compare to other brokers they offer free deposit and withdarw fee, and trader get full amount in there trading account. Another drawback that a forex trader should take on account is that AGEA broker’s maximum trade limit is 300,000 USD. So, bigger investor who wants to invest more than that might give it a second thought.

In spite of the fact that AGEA has some notable drawbacks, a forex trader can choose AGEA as their Forex trading place, because the customer service is excellent.



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