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Dec 26 2011


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Swissquote trading offers few forex platforms: Advanced Traders,Web Trader 2 ,Mobile Trader and Meta Trader 4. provides you an easy platform where trading is accessible and easy for anyone; the Advanced Trader platform owns a clear interface that allows any beginners to enjoy trading in a simple but still conservative way. No need to download or either installation, just need mac or linux and the software permits to place even complex orders on charts and much more! All this from your computer you can choose your own style. And personalize the interface as you prefer, or maybe just make it better for markets you choose, adaptable to your specific needs or the different styles in brokers trading. This platform shows a sophisticated analysis and owns tools for graphics, very trustful tools for monitoring and Fx insider data feed.

Swissquote trading Web Trader 2, another amazing Forex platform; you don’t need to download or install, accessible on mac or linux or any computer and trading form permitted also with a firewall protecting your trading. This platform permits the trader to place orders easily on charts and to add SL and TP to open positions .Full customization and possibility to save custom layouts. Another interesting feature of forex Web Trader 2 the possibility of free comments and data feed on the market.

Mobile Trader, forex trading platform, is made to operate from any device or mobile that can connect to the internet. Even if the appearance could seem light, it actually can offer to the trader every needed tool exactly like in normal pc software and a direct transmission of all Forex orders. Management directly on your phone and special application for Iphone and ipod Easy and fast,

Swissquote proudly presents Meta Trader 4 for all trading customers that prefers advanced features and fully wants to enjoy the benefits of swissquote liquidity. Totally safe the access on the accounts separated from all others conventional Swissquotes accounts. Clients may have both MT4 and Swissquote accounts. If you have already a swissquote account and want MT4 just fill up and submit the form “Appendix C form”.
On MT4 you can only trade forex spot on mini, standards and premium accounts. Swissquote broker trading cannot guarantee prices. swissquote account cannot be reach logging on MT4 and so viceversa. The calculation on MT4 is based on net and not on Swissquote data, when a margin of liquidation the MT4 occurs will initiate a closing order on the position with the largest loss. It is a process that will free some margin from other positions.

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