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Dec 24 2011


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Company : eToro Inc.
On-line since : 2007
Country : Cyprus
Payment options : Moneybookers, WebMoney, bank wire, credit cards,
PayPal and Neteller
Minimum account size : $50
Minimum position size : 0.01 lot
Leverage : 1:100, 1:200 and 1:400
Spread : 2 pips on EUR/USD
Regulation : Registered member of NFA (ID: 0382918).

EToro- an excellent Social Investment Network

With the advancement in cyber world, the world has become a global market. People from all over the world can now easily connect with each other, right from their living room couches. This has led to a drastic increase in social networking; no one on the planet now feels completely lonely or friendless. In addition to these exceptional advances in the social sphere, commercial advancements have also been cited. People now use the internet as a platform to earn money; they trade on both large and small scale by advertising their products online and guaranteeing safe home delivery. Several social investment networks exist, including eToro which allow people from every nook and corner to reach out to the customers and boast their trade.

What is eToro?

EToro is a remarkable social trading association which manifests in the form of a network linking the traders with the customers. It has trading offices in areas like Israel, USA, Australia, and Europe and has a registration from Cyprus. Hence, its sales offices are pretty much aggregated in metropolitan hubs of the world and online access is available to all.EToro trading has made it possible for people to use internet beneficially even from the remotest of the areas. So, if you live in some far away area and are stranded there during the winters, you can still continue to raise your bank balance. You can now easily earn yourself a handsome living by becoming a part of this investment network and sticking to the tactic of wise play. EToroWeb trader allows people to gather and discuss their offers with the public and to find out the demand of the market so that the essential steps can be taken for efficient business management. You can also pick up hints and advices from other more successful personnel and apply the same tricks to help your business thrive. It allows investment in the hottest market areas like gold, other metals and oil. In addition, eToro forex also allows currency exchange to take place.

It should be kept in mind however that eToro is not in itself a financial broker and is simply associated with the provision of a healthy and reliable platform for social trading.

What are the advantages of using eToro?

When so many options are available, it is only wise to go through most of them and then settle for the best. This eToro review aims to highlight the benefits of using this exemplary trading network.
1. It is very simple and easy to run. No technical training or expertise is required to benefit from it.
2. It offers the opportunity to use ‘OpenBook’, which is a huge trading network. EToro OpenBook is being used abundantly all over and has currently attracted up to 1.5 million users.

3. It not only allows trading to take place but also takes complete responsibility to yield effective results. Various tools provided by eToro guide the new traders efficiently and also allows assessment of relative risks and benefits of investing in a particular element.

eToro Openbook

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ETORO Online Trading Course

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eToro Live webinars

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eToro Trading Platforms

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eToro Payment Options

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9 Responses to “eTORO”

  1. Drake Ethan says:

    I am trading with etoro since 2011. The thing I appreciate the most about them is that they donot charge any comissions on trades however they earn by widening up the spreads but thats just by 2 pips and thats fine. There customer service is also very helpfull. They always helped me untill my problem is solved. I am happy with them.

  2. sara jackson says:

    Best trading is possible with this broker. This broker gives chance to copy best trader’s skills. Traders can copy best trader’s skills and working style and can make money. This is awesome. 85 percent copied brokers are successful with this broker. Join this broker for getting vulnerable benefits of trading. You can take smart actions because your planning is already complete.

  3. Dave A says:

    They have non existent customer service. Their people are angry and hostile and degrading. They will steal from your account and do not honor withdrawals

  4. Anni says:

    Honestly saying, this company is a total shame to the Forex business field, i recommend that they re-evaluate their business strategy and people get some professional people to work to trades against you.

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