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EasyMarkets Financial instruments

There area units numerous varieties of Currency, CFDs, Commodities instruments that a financial trader will use. usually retail forex traders use foreign currency choices as a hedging tool whereas banks area unit more well-off with exploitation choices, swaps and a few alternative derivatives for the aim of meeting their completely different hedging wants. Most commonly used financial instruments in forex are Spot Transaction, Forward Transaction, Future Contract, Swap Transaction and Currency Option.

EasyMarkets offers spot forex, FX forwards, US dollar Index and Forex Options. A spot forex is an agreement to buy or sell a currency at the current or the spot exchange rate. Easymarkets offers this instrument for the day traders. A trader can exchange from over 135 currency pairs through easymarkets.

Another exciting instrument that easymarkets offers is FX Forwards. This instrument involves the transaction of foreign currency to be settled at least after 3 days and in an exchange rate that will be determined prior to the transaction. Easymarkets offers this FX Forwards on over 45 pairs. Only few brokers offer this vast amount of pairs to be exchanged through Forwards Exchange .Easymarkets is one of them.

Easymarkets also offers Forex option. It’s a currency option similar to the future contract. A Forex option gives the holder the right, without any obligation to either buying or selling of particular quantity of one currency to another in a predetermined exchange rate. In easyMarkets one can trade almost 50 currency pairs. US Dollar Index is another valuable instrument that easymarkets offers to the customers. These are the financial instruments that easymarkets offers to their valued customers. Any forex tarder can choose from these as per their needs.

A CFD allows the realization of profit and losses at the time of the certain assets changes in relation to the position taken while the actual asset is not occupied. EasyMarkets offers an enormous range of currencies for day trading and vanilla options. Easymarkets offers CFD Commodity trading. Most widely used commodities are Crude oils and its derivatives, precious metals and agricultural products. Easymarkets commodities include a bunch of widely tradable instruments from the agriculture and energy sector and also most precious metals and coppers.

Easymarkets has a vast selection of CFDs including currencies, metals, commodities and indices with the most competitive spreads. And easymarkets also offers the finest customer services besides it emphasis on the education of the customers about the market which makes easymarkets as the preferred platform for inexperienced and experienced customers. Easymarkets executes the trade automatically and with no requites whatsoever and a customer gets fixed spreads and guaranteed stop on the easyMarkets platform which makes easyMarkets unique in Forex Market.

There are so many forex market places where a trader can trade currency but very few offers the finest customer service. In forex trading it’s enormously vital to understand the trends of financial instruments to be a gainer. Easymarkets provides this vital information to its customer in a regular basis. So, if a potential trader wants to trade in forex market he must needs to understand it and give a thought about the service of the broker and make a go.

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