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There are different organization who works for monitoring and ensuring the quality of services of forex brokers. These organizations arrange various awards to appreciate the services of different forex brokers., CIOTEXPO,, COTS Award, China Forex Expo, Blue Ribbon Award, Global Banking and Finance review, WorldCob these are some of the awarding body who works for this purpose. Achieving the recognition of these awarding bodies denotes the finest services that the awarded body offers to its customers.

In 2013, Easymarkets was awarded the ‘Investor’s Most Trusted Forex Broker’ by for the finest service offering and gaining trust with undeniable forex trading service. In the same year, another awarding body ‘China International Online Trading Expo’ which is known as CIOTEXPO, awarded easymarkets as ‘Best Broker 2013’. By giving this award, CIOTEXPO acknowledged the super customer service of easymarkets. acknowledged the innovativeness in introducing products and customer service of easyMarkets by awarding ‘Innovative Products and Service 2013’ title in 2013. The achievement of this award ensures that a forex trader can easily be convinced about the innovative services and products of easymarkets. COTS Award is another important body that appreciates the quality of services by a forex broker. In 2013, easyMarkets achieved the ‘Best Innovative Forex Platform 2013’ title awarded by COTS Award. Easymarkets achieved this award for not only by giving innovative products and service to its customers but also believing and executing the innovativeness in their services and products.

Blue Ribbon Award is a well known and well recognized awarding body in finance and banking services. Blue Ribbon Award gives the ‘Smart Investor Award’ for providing smart finance service. Easymarkets has been honored to get the ‘Smart Investor Award’ for providing smart foreign exchange service in 2008, 2009 and 2010 in a row. That clearly denotes that if a forex trader wants to get smart service from a forex broker easymarkets is the ultimate choice.

Global Banking and Finance is a prominent body in recognize and acknowledging the services in banking and financing sector. They monitor various sectors to ensure the finest service provided by various financial institutions. Easymarkets has been able to achieve the ‘Best Partner Program Europe 2015’ award which is awarded by Global Banking and Finance. Easymarkets achieved this award by ensuring the innovation in forex trading, achieving the customer satisfaction, implementing effective and efficient business strategies and taking part in the effective changes within the global financial community.

Forex Broker is not only about forex trading service. It is much more than that.  To be the best forex trader, a forex broker has to provide the best service and innovative products. For the purpose of ensuring the fact that a forex broker is providing the finest service and innovative products, these awarding bodies gives these awards to appreciate and acknowledge the achievement in certain areas of forex trading. Easymarkets got these awards by ensuring the ultimate customers service and gaining customer satisfaction, and taking vital role in the positive and effective changes in the global financial community from time to time.


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